The Importance of Backups

Most small business owners understand the importance of their data and the need to back it up.  What’s amazing however, is just how many small businesses we encounter that continue to operate with either inadequate backup solutions or without any backups whatsoever.

Recently we were contacted by a client that turned on her computer one morning only to be greeted by a message on her screen that the hard drive was not found.  Upon investigation, we found the hard drive had failed and everything on it was gone.  Her email, accounting data, documents, and photos – all gone.  Luckily, she had a backup, but unfortunately, it was several months old.  While it wasn’t a total loss for her, she did lose some critical emails and she had to manually re-enter her lost accounting data and recreate several documents and proposals.  In the end, she lost some critical data that could not be recreated and of course it cost her several days of lost productivity.  The client estimated the value of their losses to be several thousand dollars.  A good backup solution would have cost a fraction of what the resulting expenses were.  Needless to say, she now has a solid backup solution in place.

What about your business?  Do you have an adequate backup solution in place?  What would the cost of an unexpected data loss be to your business?

Backing up your critical business data doesn’t have to be expensive – contact us today for a backup solution designed to meet your needs.

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