Buying Computers for Your Business

We frequently field questions from our customers about purchasing new computers for their business.  Very often they’re surprised by the prices when compared to the ads they’ve seen from local electronic stores.  The problem is, this is not an apples to apples comparison.

There are distinct differences between consumer and business class computers.  While the specifications between the two may appear to be very similar, business class computers are typically built with higher quality components offering a higher degree of reliability.  Business computers also don’t include all the special offers and trial software that bogs down so many consumer PCs.

Here are some additional key differentiators of business class computers:

  • Longer warranty periods and support options including next business day on-site support.
  • Professional level operating systems – better suited to business software, security, and network requirements.
  • Life expectancy – availability of drivers will be updated and maintained for years to support business and industry that rely on sustaining their technology.

The bottom line is that business should never purchase computers from local big box consumer stores.  The initial cost may be lower, but they will cost you more in the long run and likely need to be replaced sooner.

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